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Diamondback first rides auction tops $100,000!

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Bids for first rides on Diamondback surpass $75,000!

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Ride Warriors Coaster Weekend May 9-10 at Kings Island

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Save the date: April 18, 2009

Track work nears completion

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Station floor slated to go in Wednesday

$22 million Diamondback coaster highlight of Cedar Fair's 2009 capital program

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Workers begin clearing queue line and station area


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Topping off of Diamondback lift hill delayed until Thursday

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Diamondback first rides auction tops $100,000!

April 15, 2009

Kings Island officials announced Wednesday the Mason, Ohio amusement park has raised $102,000 through an auction to be among the first official riders on the park’s new Diamondback roller coaster.

Kings Island auctioned off seats on the first eight trains (256 seats) on the $22 million steel coaster to raise money for the Ohio non-profit group A Kid Again, which is dedicated to providing fun-filled outings and ongoing support to children with life threatening illnesses and their families.

Blackhawk Network had the top bid – $5,000 for one seat. The California based company plans to donate its winning bid to A Kid Again so a family member can ride.

Allan Hague from Yantis, Texas placed the top individual bid – $3,100 for one seat. Hague also had successful bids on two other seats at $800 each.

The park received bids from individuals from 11 different states during the online auction with an average bid of $398 per seat.

The first official rides will take place Saturday, April 18 beginning at 8:00am. Kings Island opens to the public at 10:00am on Saturday.

- Don Helbig
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